Best Ways To Ensure Your Virgin Hair Extensions Last For Years

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If you've ever purchased virgin hair extension or bundles before, then you know just how expensive they can be. High quality hair bundles from Brazil could easily set you back hundreds of dollars! With a price tag this high, it's imperative to any virgin hair buyer to take excellent care of their hair extensions to ensure they last at least two year.

And as everyone knows who hasn't cared for their hair properly, your expensive hair bundles will only last a year at the most if you don't take proper care of them. Even if you buy your virgin hair bundles from a reputable vendor, like Diamond Dynasty Virgin Hair, if you don't take excellent care of them, they just won't last as long as they should.

Having wasted almost $1000 over the last 5 years on virgin hair extensions that I just didn't take very good care of, heed my advice so you don't repeat the same mistakes I did.

1.Never wrap your virgin hair extensions inside a silk scarf

This is one of the first mistakes I made with my virgin hair extensions and it's a sure fire way to cut months off the lifespan of your expensive hair extensions. Wrapping your hair in a silk scarf may seem like an innocent thing to do and most people do this without thinking twice, but the damage it can do your hair is quite significant. The problem lies in that the silk scarf sucks moisture out of your hair throughout the day and while you're sleeping. This dries your hair extensions out terribly and results in them needing more and more product to keep them healthy and looking great. Eventually, your hair stylist will recommend you get new virgin hair extensions and blame the short lifespan of your last extensions on poor quality hair, without knowing it was your use of a silk scarf that was the reason why they didn't last as long as they should have.

2.Never wash your virgin hair with hot water

I admit it; there's nothing better than a nice warm shower first thing in the morning. But what most people don't know is that washing your virgin hair in hot water every day will dry those expensive extensions out super fast. Ironically, the thing we think is helping our hair the most, that hot water, is what's drying it out. It can literally suck the moisture right out of your hair, especially if they're Brazilian virgin hair extensions. To ensure this doesn't happen to your extensions, try to only wash your hair in cool to cold water. I know that doesn't sound like much fun, bit it will help your hair extensions last much longer than they normally would.

3.Only use the best hair care products on your hair extensions

Just because you paid $300 for virgin hair bundles, that doesn't mean they're indestructible. You still need to take excellent care of them and only use the best hair care products you can afford. Just like you wouldn't go rock climbing after spending $80 on a manicure, the same goes for your virgin hair. You need to baby your hair and be extra careful to protect it from the elements. This includes not exposing it to too much exhaust fumes from traffic or from an excessive amount of wind that you might encounter driving in a convertible with the top down or get mud in it from rigorous outdoor activity. And if you do find your hair in one of these situations, be sure to use only the best hair care products to clean and preserve it, like those from Diamond Dynasty Virgin Hair.

4.Absolutely never ever iron or blow-dry your hair every day

Most people have no idea how damaging a blow dryer or curling iron can be to their hair extensions and lace front wigs. They think that just because they've used a blowdryer everyday of their life, now that they have virgin hair extensions, they can do the same. And unfortunately, that's just not the case. Because virgin hair has never been chemically treated, people assume it's some type of super hair that can withstand heat of all kind and that's where they end up sadly mistaken. Do yourself a favor and avoid any unnecessary heat as it will simply dry out your hair before it ever should have, resulting in your stylist blaming the hair extensions instead of the heat you applied everyday.

5.Always ensure your hair has enough moisture in it

Just like with natural human hair, virgin hair bundles need to be moisturized on a regular basis. In fact, properly moisturized virgin hair ensures it has a barrier of protection against the elements of heat, wind, dirt and dry air. And contrary to popular belief, ensuring your virgin hair bundles have enough moisture in them does not mean adding water to them every day. It means ensuring you are using the best quality virgin hair conditioner you can afford and using it properly and consistently. Remember, dry hair gets brittle and cracks and then you need to cut your hair and replace your extensions. Ensure this never happens to you and your virgin hair will last years.

6.Never let your hair stylist chemically treat your virgin hair

Virgin hair has never been chemically treated, which is why it is in such high demand and thus goes for hundreds of dollars for bundles of it. So if your hair stylist recommends you now comically treat your expensive new hair, I recommend you seriously consider finding a new hair stylist. Preferably one with enough experience with virgin hair bundles to know that you don't treat virgin hair the way you do your normal human hair. And if you ever do want to apply colors and relaxers to your virgin hair vendors, be sure to seek the counsel of a trained, professional service provider that knows what they're doing.

Those are the 6 best ways to ensure your virgin hair extensions last for years. Follow them to the letter and your investment in virgin hair bundles will not be a waste, but instead you'll be blessed with years and years of high quality virgin hair that looks amazing.

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